Medium Ferret Gift Basket

Let’s face it, ferrets can never have too many toys…..or treats (according to them anyway)  This gift basket has plenty of both to keep any ferret entertained and satiated for hours!

Toys include: (1) 4 pack of balls, (1) 2 pack of sport balls, a ping pong ball, a mylar ball and a football shaped chase toy.

Treats include: 3 bags of ferret treats (varying brands include PureBites, Ferret Bites, Bandits, Stewarts freeze dried Chicken or Turkey, N Bone Chicken Treats,  My Little Lion grain free treats),  1 single serving size Natural Balance grain free premium wet food, and (3 ) 1/2 oz bags of treats (assorted flavors)

This basket also includes a fuzzy hammock for when they finally get tired and need a cozy spot to sleep.

Perfect for welcoming a ferret to their new home, celebrating their birthday or even just because!

*If your fur baby is a chewer and you would like to swap out the mylar ball please let me know and I will be happy to do so.  My babies love it but only get it under supervision.

*Treats provide a wonderful way to bond with your pet but are not meant to replace a healthy,  high protein based ferret diet.


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Due to the nature of the product, you may have some broken biscuits in your treat basket. While I don’t foresee this happening, it is possible. Please contact me if there are any issues. I will fully refund any damaged product. Ships within 2-3 business days after receiving your order. Please allow extra time during Holiday seasons.